Alisha MArtindale 

Connecticut Portrait Photographer




Hey. My name is Alisha, and I'm infatuated with images that make me forget to breath. With one foot in the center of chaos and a gaze fixed forward, I strive to unobstrusively integrate myself into the energy of a moment to record genuine, unfiltered emotion.

What is worth remembering?

It is said that if you want to see what a person values most, watch what they take pictures of. My personal photo galleries are overflowing with family birthday snapshots, candid moments between relatives and images of quiet (and some not so quiet) moments spent in the presence of those I love. What would someone looking through your photo boxes find?


My style?

I want to photograph who you are, not who you think you need to be...

With years of practice photographing for not only large institutional organizations, but small businesses, non-profits and for myself as well, I've learned the subtle art of being within an experience without disrupting it. I take great pride in the years I've spent slowly building my skill set and brand and would like to invite you to build a relationship with me based on your photographic needs.   


My primary photography interests include portraiture and my style is ever evolving. While I do create my shoots around a person's world of effect, I consider my work to be "lived-style" as opposed to "life-style". To me, "life-style" images seem to invoke a constructed aesthetic seemingly untrue to the subject's actual life. I want to photograph who you are, not who you think you need to be for my camera or someone else's approval of your images.