Adam Christoferson: Musical Intervention

The first Upstander in this series is Adam Christoferson of Musical Intervention based out of New Haven, CT. Adam has been working closely with clinical and community based social service organizations for years using music as a medium to encourage and empower people to “Explore the Song” in themselves. The goal of Musical Intervention he says is to “help people write, record and perform original music while promoting empathy and transforming lives”. 

The headquarters, located on Temple street, serves as not only a drug and alcohol free safe space for all community members to congregate and exchange ideas and learn from each other but also as a fully functional recording studio, performance space and educational learning environment. After receiving a grant though the Arts Council of Greater New Haven and the National Endowment of the Arts in 2015, Adam began working with Liberty Community Services in the homeless population and provide songwriting, recording and a performing platform that typically underserved and disenfranchised peoples wouldn’t have access to in order to “be creative, productive and connect with the broader community”. 

I spent an afternoon with him and his base of “regulars” at the headquarters and within those few hours, it was clear that something special is happening on that small stretch of Temple Street where historically, only empty space, chewed up gum and flipped restaurant after restaurant have existed. The flow of people in and out of the building, the interaction of so many different people all sharing, learning, and inspiring each other made me think that I was then and there witnessing how culture begins. When people are allowed to come together and exist in spaces of creativity and understanding, it is clear that one can only step back and watch what happens. 

The best part of the entire experience was watching everyone in the room coming together for a “family jam” session on stage with whatever instrument was in arm’s length that lasted a good 15 minutes. I absolutely sang along. Musical Intervention is a recipient of one of the New Haven Arts Council 37th Annual “Arts awards” for 2017. 

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