Daisha Brabham: "Homegoing: A Herstory of a Black Woman"

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend time with Daisha Brabham. Daisha is a first year History teacher at Wilbur Cross High School in New Haven. Before leaving undergrad, Daisha produced, with the help of many of her dedicated friends, mentors, volunteers, family and community members, an intensely stunning, historically accurate and original choreo-stage-play called “Homegoing: A Herstory of a Black Woman”. The original show focused on the historical time line of black women’s place in society beginning with Yoruba tradition, following the characters into the days of Billie Holiday and straight through to today. All proceeds were donated to The Coalition of 100 Black Women: New Haven Chapter

She says she is updating the script to incorporate black European women’s experiences as well and will show it once more when it is more inclusive of her added characters experiences. The cast was comprised of a variety of both college and high school students in the southern Connecticut area.

If you get a chance to speak with Daisha, you will soon realize she is an overflowing fountain of knowledge, a literal spring of intelligence. Her depth of knowledge on historical and contemporary social justice issues is astounding and her passion for bringing black women and black women’s struggles to the front of the conversation leaves anyone questioning what they themselves can begin to do at that very moment to become an accomplice in the dismantling of the very real and very damaging networks of oppression she studies and speaks about. I personally appreciate her ability to educate her audience in such a warm, thoughtful, and caring way that her words empower her listeners to learn more on their own. 

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